Power Flush Wigston Oadby

2 RED has been offering power flush services for many years. Over this period, we have helped multiple homeowners improve the efficiency of their central heating and lengthen its life. With our power flush Wigston Oadby services, we will have your radiators working at full capacity in no time.

After years of use, deposit and rust builds up in the central heating and water pipes. If not handled in a timely manner, this blockage can cause permanent damage to the system which would require you to overhaul the whole system. If you consider power flushing in time, it can save you the trouble of having to install a new central heating system.

Power flushing should also be conducted when you are installing a new boiler. It helps to get rid of any blockages in the old systems and helps you to realize the full potential of the boiler being installed.

What is Power Flushing?

There are a number of reasons why you need power flushing. It is best to have it done once in a while but in cases of severe negligence, your system will let you know. Some of the symptoms that your central heating could use a power flush include having cold spots, leaks and noisy pumps. A radiator that needs bleeding or venting often is another good sign that you need to get in touch with our power flush Wigston Oadby service.

Power flushing is a series of processes all of which are dedicated to offering you a more efficient central heating system. For the best results, you should make sure that the process is carried out by a professional.

To get your system working at its best again, the process will start with adding a chemical and circulating it around the system. This chemical will help to dislodge debris, rust and sludge that might be in the system and later dispose of it.

We will then connect the radiator’s flush circuits to the mains supply. Water is used to flush the system and discarded until it comes out clean which is a sign that the system is now clean but the process is not done. In the last step, an inhibitor is added. This helps to protect the system form deposits and sludge from accumulating for a long period of time meaning you get to enjoy an efficient central heating system for a longer period of time.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Saves you money – power flush Wigston Oadby might cost you some money but it is nothing compared to the amount you would be spending replacing the entire system of paying for utility bills as a result of a poorly functioning system.

More efficiency – you don’t have to suffer the consequences of a poorly functioning system anymore. With improved efficiency, the effect of your central heating system is more instantaneous and more uniform guaranteeing better comfort in your home.

Longer lasting central heating system – Power flushing Oadby helps to increase the life of your central heating. Blockages in the pipes and other parts of the central heating system cause strain and in the long run, this can completely damage the system.