Power Flush Swallownest

Is your central heating taking longer to warm up your home? Or perhaps you notice brown water coming out of your radiators when bleeding? These are signs that there is a build-up of sludge and rust inside your central heating that needs to be removed. If these elements are not removed, they might cause blockages that will not only affect the efficiency of your central heating more but also lead to the breaking down of different parts of the system including the boiler.

2 RED offers quality power flush Swallownest services to help remove the rust, debris, and sludge from your central heating and get your system running smoothly and efficiently again. With our power flushing service, we can save you the trouble of having to replace parts of your central heating and get your radiators working properly again.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a cleaning process that we use to get rid of unwanted elements that accumulate inside the central heating. These elements contribute up to 85% of all problems faced by the central heating and by getting rid of them through a power flush Swallownest, we can restore efficiency and improve the lifespan of your boiler.

We start the power flush process by connecting the power flushing machine to your central heating. We then add a unique chemical that we circulate within the system to dislodge the rust, debris, and limescale. To maximise the effects of the chemical, it is circulated through all the radiators. We then extract the chemicals and all the dirt that has been collected.

Next, we use water to rinse out the system and flush out any remaining elements from the system. We connect the mains supply to the flush circuits on the radiator and pump in water at high speeds. This clears any blockages and removes all the debris that might have been left behind. We keep pumping clean water into the system and discarding the dirty water coming out until the water comes out clean.

As a safety and preventative measure, we add an inhibitor into the system after the cleaning process has been completed. The inhibitor protects the pipes against corrosion and also keeps the sludge and rust from building up in the pipework allowing you to enjoy your efficient central heating for longer.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Extended life – the build-up of sludge, rust, and debris can make parts like the boiler work harder than they should and eventually, they might need replacement prematurely. A power flush Swallownest can help to prolong the life of the central heating and its part by making it easier for them to complete their work. What's more, you not only get more years with the system, but it remains efficient during the additional years.

Improved circulation – the transfer of heat and efficiency of the central heating system largely depends on the free flow of water within the pipes. After a power flush has been completed and the impurities have been removed, and blockages have been cleared, water can move through the system faster and with ease enhancing heat transfer and making the system more effective.

If you are looking for a power flush in Swallownest, get in touch today!