Power Flush Lutterworth

Over the years, there are impurities, debris and rust that forms and clogs your central heating system and the pipes. If not clear, these clogs and blockages could have detrimental effects on your central heating which could result in an entire overhaul.

At 2 RED we are dedicated to making sure that does not happen. We offer power flush Lutterworth services that will help get your central heating system working as it should. We have many years in the industry can assure you that power flushing is the most effective method of removing dirt and debris from your central heating system.

With our service, we will have your radiators working proficiently once more. Installing a new boiler also present the perfect opportunity for a power flush so you don’t take any problems from the old system into your new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is the process we use to help get deposits, debris and sludge cleaned out from your central heating system.

There are many signs that can indicate the need to conduct a power flush on your central heating system with some of them including noisy pumps and cold spots. In more severe cases, leaking radiators or radiators that need venting and bleeding occasionally could also benefit from a power flush.

The power flushing Lutterworth process involves three main steps. You should always make sure that all the steps are handled by a professional who has the knowledge and understanding of how a central heating system works.

In the first step, a chemical is added into the system and circulated through all the radiators. This chemical helps to remove deposits and other debris that could be causing the blockages. The deposits removed are discarded and the mains supply and the radiator flush circuits are connected together.

Water is used to clean out the system and it is constantly disposed of until it comes out clean which is a sign that the central heating system is now clean. In the last step, a substance which is known as an inhibitor is added to the central heating and circulated. The role of the inhibitor is made sure that the deposits and rust don’t form back for a long time so you are able to enjoy the results of the power flush longer.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Better circulation – the immediate benefit of conducting a power flush Lutterworth is improved circulation of hot water around your system. Of course this tags along with other associated benefits like improved performance and uniform heating around the house.

Saves money – with improved circulation, results are much faster and you don’t waste as much heat when running the central heating system. This results in lower utility bills and that means you are able to enjoy quality results while spending less on bills.

Restores efficiency – central heating systems are adversely affected by blocking which can significantly reduce their efficiency. With power flushing sludge, rust and any other form of debris that could be causing the blockage is removed. This helps to restore the efficiency and the effectiveness of the system. You are also able to use for a longer period of time.