Power Flush Kimberley

For a central heating system that has been in use for many years, blockages are common. They reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the system and if they are not removed quickly, they can cause serious damage to the entire system and you have to replace everything. Power flushing is the only reliable solution to removing the impurities and improving circulation of water through the system.

At 2 RED we have been offering power flush services in Kimberley and the surrounding areas and we have built a reputation helping our clients get their systems and their radiators to work properly once more. With the power flush Kimberley service, we are able to remove impurities like sludge and rust and clear blockages allowing your system to work efficiently again.

It is also advisable to have a power flush done before installing a new boiler. This ensures the performance of the new boiler is not affected by blockages and deposits in the old system.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a popular method we use at 2 RED to clean your central heating and remove any debris and sludge that has built up inside the system. With power flushing, we are able to address a variety of central heating problems like cold spots, noisy pumps, leaks and even radiators that require constant bleeding and venting.

Our experts at 2 RED will thoroughly inspect your system before adding a chemical that will help to remove the debris and sludge lodged inside the system. The chemical is circulated through all the pipes and radiators to maximize the amount of dirt collected. To remove the dirt and the chemical, the circulations is reversed. We then use water at high speeds to make sure that no particle is left inside the system. For this, we connect the flush circuits to the mains supply and constantly pump in the water until it comes out on the other end clean. This way, we are guaranteed that all the blockages have been cleared and there is sludge or debris remaining.

Lastly, we add an inhibitor which helps to protect the pipes against corrosion and also prevent the sludge and debris from building up for a long time. This allows you to enjoy your efficient central heating system for longer before you need another power flush.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Improved circulation – power flush Kimberley helps to improve the circulation of water by removing blockages and deposits that prevent the flow of water. By improving the circulation, the transfer of heat is more effective and efficient and your central heating works more proficiently. Improved circulation also reduces the stress under which the system is functioning improving the reliability of the system and reducing the frequency of breakdowns.

Longevity – blockages greatly shorten the life of the system by requiring it to be run longer and harder. After a power flush, your central heating can have a longer and more productive life. With the better flow of water and reduced breakdowns, the system is more reliable and works more efficiently and can remain functional for many more years.

If you are looking for a power flush in Kimberley, get in touch with us today!