Power Flush Gainsborough

Over the years, the efficiency of your central heating diminishes as sludge and rust deposits build up in the system. If these impurities are not removed from the system, they cause blockages which can cause serious damages. Power flushing is the only practical option of removing the blockages and restoring the efficiency of your central heating and the radiators.

At 2 RED we have a team of highly skilled and experienced experts who have been offering power flush Gainsborough services for many years and can help you get your central heating working properly again. With our help, we will help stop any further damage to your current central heating system and remove the blockages allowing you to enjoy your central heating for many more years.

What is Power Flushing?

If you notice cold spots, leaks, noisy pumps or the radiators on your central heating requiring more venting and bleeding than normal, it is a sign that there are blockages in your system. A power flush can help address these and other problems and allow your system to function properly again.

Our power flush Gainsborough service is carried out in three different stages which make sure that the system is completely clean and there is no sludge or debris that is left inside. First, we add a chemical that helps to loosen the sludge and deposits to make them easier to remove. Once the chemical has been added, it is circulated throughout the system to cover all areas and then it is reversed to remove all the impurities.

We then pump in water at high pressure into the central heating system to remove any particles that might have been left behind. We keep discarding the water used in the flushing the system until it comes out clean. The water is pumped into the system by connecting the mains supply to the flush circuits on the radiator.

Once we are certain that all the debris, deposits and sludge have been removed from the system, we add a substance that prevents the sludge and other deposits from building up for many years to come. The substance which is called an inhibitor also helps to prevent the pipes against corrosion allowing you to enjoy your central heating for longer before you need any replacement.

Benefits of Power Flushing

There are many benefits associated with a power flush Gainsborough both to our clients and also the central heating system.

  • Improved circulation – proper circulation is important to the proper functioning of the central heating. The build-up of sludge and debris in the system hinders the circulation of water which is why the system becomes inefficient. Once the system has been power flushed, proper circulation is restored.
  • Longer lifespan – power flushing helps your central heating to last longer. It also ensures that the boiler is not damaged prematurely by removing the strains that are caused by blockages and making it easier for the boiler to produce hot water and keep your home warm at all times.

If you are looking for a power flush in Gainsborough, get in touch today!