Power Flush Daventry

Are you finding it more expensive to run your central heating? Is your central heating constantly breaking down and inefficient? Usually, such problems are caused by a build-up of sludge, rust and other elements which result in blockages. At 2 RED we can help you clear the blockages and restore the efficiency of your central heating and the radiators.

If the elements causing the blockages are not removed, they could cause permanent damage to parts of your central heating which would require replacement and this can be costly. With our power flush Daventry service, we can save you the money and also save your central heating. With our skills and experience, you are guaranteed the best results and also enjoying a more efficient central heating system. You can also use the power flush service when installing a new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a simple process that is used to cure a variety of problems that your central heating could be facing which include flow and circulation problems, lack of efficiency, noisy boiler and lost heat output to radiators.

We start the process by attaching our power flush Daventry equipment to the central heating and adding a chemical that helps to loosen the dirt, debris and rust build up inside the system. The chemical is circulated throughout the system and through all the radiators to collect as much dirt as possible. It is then reversed to extract the dirt collected. We then use clean water to rinse out any traces left behind by attaching the radiator flush circuits to the mains supply. The rinsing process is repeated until the water coming out of the system is clean which is proof that all the elements have been removed.

Once we are certain the system is completely clean, we add an inhibitor that helps to prevent the build-up of the sludge and rust for many years. The inhibitor we add also protects the piping from corrosion, which allows you to continue using the central heating for a longer time before you need to make any major replacements.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Save money – power flushing can make running your central heating more economical. By making the system more effective, it is more efficient on energy and only needs to be run for short periods. With a central heating system that is energy efficient, you can save more money. Also, the cleared blockages reduce stress on the system which reduces breakdowns and saves you money on repair and service fees.

Improved flow and circulation – for the central heating to work efficiently, water has to be able to flow easily through the system. Blockages and build-up of sludge prevent this which makes it hard to transfer heat to the radiators. Once the blockages are cleared the flow is restored and the effectiveness of the system and the radiators is restored.

Longevity – with the strain that blockages add to the system, different parts wear out faster and if the elements causing the blockage are not removed, you might need to replace most parts of the central heating. After a power flush Daventry has been done, your central heating is able to function easily and longer without any problems.

If you are looking for a power flush in Daventry, get in touch today!