Power Flush Bolsover

Would you like to boost the efficiency of your central heating and make it more effective? A power flush is the best solution. Over the years, the accumulation of sludge, rust, and debris inside the system can make the central heating inefficient and ineffective.

At 2 RED we have many years of experience offering power flush Bolsover services. We are reliable, and our experts are highly trained and can guarantee the best possible results for your central heating. We can help to remove the impurities affecting your central heating and get your radiators working properly again. We also offer power flushing before the installation of a new boiler. This guarantees that your boiler can function at its best without being affected by the blockages in the old system.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a simple but effective process that we use to clean out all the impurities in your central heating and get it working properly again. With a power flush Bolsover, we can solve most problems facing your central heating which include noisy pumps and boiler, cold spots on the radiators and leaks.

To conduct the power flush, we connect our power flushing equipment to your central heating. We then add a special chemical that helps to dislodge the debris and rust and make the dirt easier to remove. We circulate the chemical in the central heating and through all the radiators. We then reverse the circulation to remove the chemical and all the dirt that has been collected.

To guarantee the best results, we use water to flush out any remaining particles of the debris. We connect the flush circuits on the radiator to the mains supply and pump in water at high speeds and keep discarding it until it comes out of the system clean.

After the power flush, you can now enjoy an efficient and effective central heating. At 2 RED, we go further and add a substance called an inhibitor that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a power flush longer by preventing the sludge and the debris from building up for many years. The inhibitor also protects the pipework from being corroded so you can use your central heating for longer before you need to make any replacements.

Benefits of a Power Flush

It is cost efficient – you can save a lot of money by having a power flush Bolsover done. By running an efficient and effective central heating, you save money on your energy bill. You also save significantly on repairs, maintenance, and replacement of parts like the valves which break down often because of the increased pressure caused by sludge build up in the system.

Improved circulation – central heating relies on water being able to move freely around the pipework. After a power flush has been completed, the blockages are removed, and the water can move freely ensuring the system can work efficiently, and you also don't have to run your boiler for long hours to keep your home warm.

Increased life – a power flush can help to extend the life of your central heating. By clearing the blockages that can cause premature failure of the system, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of an efficient central heating system for many years before you need to make replacements.

If you are looking for a power flush in Bolsover, get in touch today!