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Even though boilers are built to last, once in a while they will run into a problem especially after they have served you for a long time. When they do, you want a qualified and experienced boiler repair Winthorpe service working on them and that is what we are. At 2 RED boilers have been a part of us for over 25 years. We understand how they work and appreciate the hard work they put in to make sure that we are comfortable.

With our experience and skill with boilers, you will be assured that we will find a solution to your boiler and get it right the first time. We also share our knowledge with our clients by helping them pick a good boiler for their home. We offer emergency boilers repairs across Winthorpe and across Nottinghamshire.

If you have had a boiler, then you know that the first and most important step to a good relationship with your boiler is picking one that is suited for your needs and the size of your home. This is by no means an easy task considering the many options of boilers that you will have but with our advice and tailored service we can help you pick one that will also make your home more energy efficient.

Offering Boiler Replacement across Winthorpe

When choosing the right boiler for your home, you will have three main types to choose from. Each type is built for specific purposes with particular benefits. The traditional and system boilers are known for their high production of hot water and this makes them very essential for big homes that require a lot of hot water. Because both types of boilers come with hot water cylinders, they tend to take up a lot of space which is why you need to make sure that you have enough space in your loft.

For more average and modest homes that don’t need much water for their use, the combi boilers are a great option. They are particularly ideal if your home does not have much space left but still needs a boiler. Combi boilers don’t come with storage tanks which save on space.

No matter what time of boiler you would like to install or replace, you can rely on us to get to installation or boiler repair Winthorpe complete in a short amount of time and to high standards.

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  • Accredited installers – we have been offering boiler installation services for a long time. Our efforts have been noticed by different brands and we have become accredited installers with some of the leading brands like Worcester Bosch. With our status, we can offer our clients extended warranties and other benefits on selected boilers from different brands
  • 25 years of experience – we have over 25 years of experience working with boilers. We understand how they function and what each type has to offer. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to offer impressive results to our clients consistently which has seen us build a brand and also earn an award for our excellent services.

If you are looking for emergency boiler repairs in Winthorpe, get in touch with our expert team today on 0303 031 0001.

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