Things to Do in Rotherham

For such a small area, Rotherham has a surprisingly comprehensive collection of great activities that you can take part in from adventure, leisure and even some science. Whether you’re visiting with family or looking for a great way to spend a free day, Rotherham has just the place for you. All you need to do is pick what you would like to do and there is plenty to choose from. We have been offering boiler installing in the Rotherham area for 10 years, and we give you the low down of things to do.

Clifton Park

One of the best places you can go to Rotherham to spend time especially when bringing your family is Clifton Park. It is not only known for the great open spaces but it also has plenty of activities within its confines. These include a miniature golf course that is ideal for kids as young as four years. The kids will also love the miniature roller coasters, bumper cars, arcade games and water rides.

The park also features a splash park with motion triggered dancing style spray jets and paddling pool. If you prefer not to get wet, there is plenty of playground equipment for some old school type of fun as well.

Magna Science and Adventure Centre

If you would like to tickle the pools of wisdom and instil some knowledge especially for children who have a particular interest in science, this is the best place to be. The venue has both indoor and outdoor facilities so you can choose what settles best with you. There are over one hundred wacky experiments that make learning so fun and even the adults might learn a trick or tow.

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Kids get to enjoy the air pavilion. There is also the fire pavilion and the earth pavilion all of which are designed to feed the curious minds while offering plenty of fun and entertainment for the children.

Super Bowl 2000

This 10-pin bowling alley with kiddie assists like gutter guards and ramps is a great place to get your kids occupied and riveted. There are plenty of other arcade games that the kids can enjoy while here while the parents grab a snack from the fruit machines. It’s a great way for the family to bond while bowling.

If you prefer some adult bowling, there is also a 10-pin alley at Hollywood Bowl Sheffield that should give you a competitive feeling with the right ambience.

The Wentworth Mystery Treasure Trail

This should provide a great experience for the whole family. The trail takes about 2.5 hours to complete and is self-guided so you can take as much time as you like. It takes the whole family to scout and find answers to the sneaky clues hidden in just about anything within the environment which includes the statues and even numbers on the drainage hole cover. It is your only chance of playing Sherlock Holmes and solving the mysteries within.

Rotherham is a great place to be for the family. There are plenty of activities for your children and even for the parents. The collection of activities is diverse and fun and concentrated in a small area so you don’t have to worry about driving for endless distances just to get to your next location.

Best Places to Live In Rotherham

Rotherham is the cradle of stainless steel and we have been offering new boiler installs in Rotherham for over 10 years. It has an impressive past and was one of the best places to be live back in the day. Today, if you’re considering moving to Rotherham, you need to carefully consider the places where you can live. The town centre might be run down without much to offer but, it is not short of affluent, serene and nice places that you can bring up your family. What’s more, houses are on the cheaper side here and you can easily score yourself a dream home.


If you’re looking for a village that is calm and probably dominated by the older citizens, Ravenfield is it. The village has ample amenities for its residents and is one of the better places to bring up a family in Rotherham. The older average population is very attractive to families that are looking for a place to bring up children without much interference from their peers. The property market here is quite lucrative and with a little patience and luck, you might just be able to get more than you bargained for with your budget.

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There are also plenty of activities and parks that you can visit in and around the village. Other attractions include the Big Tops Play and Party Centre as well as the Cliffton Park and Museum.


Firbeck is home to one of the most glamorous hotspots in Britain back in the 1930’s. Even though the village is quite small with a low population, it does have quite a long string of amenities adequate enough to serve any family looking to settle here. These include a church, the Firbeck Hall. Firbeck is a great place for a family that prefers a quiet and laidback life with average facilities to have fun.

Manvers in Wath

There are quite a number of likeable places in Manvers in Wath that you would love. The little village has a great Folk Music Festival over the summer and there are plenty of decent pubs in case you like hanging out and catching a drink after a hard day at work. What’s more, you will find some of the best curry South of Yorkshire at Manvers in Wath.

The village is surrounded by great places for children like the Playmania in Elsecar Heritage Centre, a wildlife centre a popular garden centre and a great café. Even though the village itself might not have a great set of amenities, the surrounding areas which are just a short drive away offer everything you need for a comfortable and convenient life.


Unlike most of the other villages, Swinton is a lovely area with nice parks and it also has a nice shopping area. The people here are friendly and its range of amenities include good primary schools, a great library and a police station. You may have to do without the coffee shops but with time, there’s no question that some will pop up.

When thinking of living in Rotherham, there are places you want to avoid but, there are also great places that you could enjoy especially if you’re not after the vibrant and outgoing type of lifestyle. These are just some of the areas but you could also look into other areas like Chapletown.

Students Guide To Rotherham

Even though relatively small, Rotherham is proving to be the main attraction for students with colleges like the Rotherham College of Arts and Technology. Whether you are a new student or a student that is looking for places to have fun and catch up after school and on your free days, there are plenty of places in Rotherham and nearby cities that you can find a great place regardless of what you’re in. We have been offering boiler installs across Rotherham for a number of years, and this student guide is for you!


If you don’t have much to spend and you’re looking for a reliable place where you can catch a beer with friends, Rotherham has plenty of those. You will find plenty of pubs and clubs like Jaxx and the Trades that are perfect for you. If you’re looking for something a little high end, the Renoirs & Rouge might be a great place for you. All these places are in Rotherham so you don’t need to worry about catching a ride or having to take the train.

Parks and open spaces

Depending on which village you’re in there is a vast variety of parks that you can choose from. In most cases, the parks are free and provide great open spaces where you and your buddies can catch up and relax before and after school. There are only a handful parks that are a walking distance from a good restaurant so you might want to make sure you make your choice carefully.

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Rotherham is well known for sports and in particular football. If you’re a lover of sports, the AESSEAL New York Stadium which is home to Rotherham United is the place to be. You can catch plenty of football action here with friends and if you’re in Rotherham, getting to the stadium should be quite easy.


Shopping is a great part of most student populations. However, the city centre in Rotherham does not have much to offer especially if you’re looking for some popular brands. Nevertheless, there is an easy fix. Sheffield is just close by and you quickly drop in and spoil yourself. There are plenty of stores in Sheffield that sell anything from art to coffee to clothes. You will be spoilt for choice.

Clubs and Nightlife

The nightlife of Rotherham is not as vibrant as some of the cities and towns that have a high student population. However, if you must stay out late, there’s no shortage of spots that you can walk into that have a nice ambience and you can catch up on drink. Some of these include Kimberworth Park, The Checkers Inn, and if you prefer a place with a little more noise and chatter, Harry’s bar at the Stockyard truckstop should do the trick for you.

There’s plenty of stuff you can do in Rotherham while taking a break from classes. But, the collection of recreational spots is limited and you have to make sure you make your choice early enough so you’re able to get to your destination of choice in time and check it out. If you want a more vibrant surrounding, you can step into the neighbouring Sheffield which is a short distance away.

What Makes Us The Best Boiler Company in Rotherham?

Choosing the right boiler installation company is just as important as choosing the right boiler. Even great boilers can suffer under the hands of inexperienced and poorly trained engineers. At 2 RED we have built a reputation over many years as one of the best and most reliable boiler companies and there are many features that prove we are the best boiler company in Rotherham.

We have the experience

We have been installing boiler in Rotherham for many years. We also have a team of engineers who have a combined experience of over 25 years working with boilers. We have worked with all types of boilers and over time, we have perfected our processes in boiler installation to make sure that all our clients are able to enjoy the same quality boiler installation services from all our teams. With our years working with boilers, we are able to guarantee consistent and quality results.

We are registered and accredited

We don’t take your boiler for granted. We have trained all our engineers and continue to constantly train them to keep our high standards of service. We are registered with both Gas Safe and Oftec and we also make sure we only hire professionals who are also registered with the same regulatory bodies and those that have adhered to their requirements and standards.

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We are also accredited by some of the largest heating brands in Rotherham like Worcester Bosch. They have placed great trust in us to make us their preferred installer largely because of our ability to deliver quality results and the best customer experience. With our partnership with Worcester Bosch, we are also able to offer our clients extended warranties on selected boilers from Worcester Bosch for up to 10 years.

Comprehensive services

With 2 RED you never have to worry about sourcing for different services from different providers. We offer all boiler services under one roof. We will install your boiler, service it, maintain it, and repair it and even power flush it to make sure it is able to service you for longer. Because we know how hard it can be to get the right boiler, we also offer free and professional advice to our clients on choosing the right boiler. Our advice is purely professional and meant to help you pick the right boiler depending on your budget and your needs.

Financing options

This is something that you don’t get with your average boiler installation. With our financing options, we can help you get your boiler sooner as you make manageable monthly instalments for your boiler or pay at a later date depending on the financing option you choose. At 2 RED we want to make sure you have the best possible experience and we will even send a qualified member of our team to your location to conduct a survey and provide you with a free and no obligation quote so you know how much your boiler is going to cost. We believe in the power of information and we provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision and budget.

If you’re looking for a competent, friendly, professional and affordable boiler installation expert, look no further. 2 RED has everything you need to get your boiler working for a long time to come.

Best Places to Live In Leicester City

If you are considering moving to Leicester whether as a student or professional, there are plenty of places that can suit the kind of environment you are looking for. Leicester is packed with great tourist attractions, a rich history and world-class learning institutions that are ideal for both students and a family. There are plenty of places you could choose to live in Leicester and each of them offers its own benefits. Here is a quick overview of some of them.


This is an area that is perfect for students. It is affordable and more convenient for them. There is shared living, perfect for students and its proximity to the city makes commuting easier and more convenient. If you are looking for a vibrant neighbourhood where accommodation and general way of life is affordable, Oadby is going to be the perfect fit for you. We actually get a number of boiler calls in this Leicestershire area.


Evington is the best place for student and young professionals to live. It is full of life and very vibrant. It is also a little noisy but the affordable housing makes up for that and it keeps on attracting more students and young professionals who are interested in living in a hype and ever moving type of neighbourhood.

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Clarendon Park

As much as the cost of accommodation in this neighbourhood is high, living here is definitely worth a shot! With the silent neighbourhood is a place that is not appealing to students at all. Clarendon Park is largely occupied by professionals with families and it continues to be one of the areas in Leicester which is highly coveted by families that are looking for a quiet neighbourhood to bring up their children. You also do not expect the kind of people living here to have share living it very rare and probably the reason why the pay gets higher compared to other places like the Evington. There are also a variety of shops and restaurants here to satisfy the needs of the people living around. This is definitely the place to be if you ready to dig deep into your pockets.

Narborough road

When you find a place with a high student population, the first things that should come to your mind is convenience and affordable accommodation. Narborough Road fits this description perfectly It has a large student population and is filled with shops, restaurants, job opportunities and a very friendly house pricing. it is, therefore, a good idea to land in Narborough Road especially if you are a student or you are working with a tight budget and you need to be in a friendly neighbourhood.

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South Knighton

This is another place where shared living is applied to making it perfect for students. It is a very nice place most especially if you are up to maintain mobility. There is easy access to transport which is a great bonus especially if you have to occasionally drop into town. Leicester has plenty of great places for both professionals and students to live. The diversity of life and easy access to the city are among the reasons why Leicester is highly sought after.

What Makes Us The Best Boiler Company in Leicester?

Recently we as the 2 RED boiler company in Leicester have gained the privilege to be termed as the best boiler company in Leicester. Well, there are a few things maybe we could owe the credit to. Listed below are some of the reasons that make us the best boiler company in Leicester.

Multitude Experience

Having a 25 year experience in the business we have continued to up our game in all aspects offering high-quality services. With this experience, more services continue to be offered by our company with the goal to leave our clients satisfied at the end of the day. More to that we have a range of services from power flushing to boiler replacements, and we will continue to give our clients the best there is.

Qualified and well-trained staff

As much as we continue offering our clients the best of our services, we also have the best people for the tasks. We can proudly say that our staff is highly trained with experienced engineers who are actually Oftec and gas safe registered. It is a guarantee that our staff can go through the whole installation process safely and at the end, get very excellent results. We also pride being Diamond approved installers and even more proud to be accredited for leading brands such as Valliant and the likes.

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Different service packages

We do offer very customizable services having to offer three different package services. This includes the bronze, silver and the gold package. Each package with its own benefits and all of them designed to ensure that your appliances are perfectly safe for use. We can go through them briefly.

Silver package

Have a heating system and a magna fitting filter that removes the iron sludge that builds up in central heating systems. This sludge reduces their efficiency and it may even lead to breakdown hence it really requires to be removed.

Bronze package

This includes a Magna Clean fitting filter and a heating system that removes the iron sludge formed in the central heating systems. This sludge reduces efficiency and may even lead to breakdown hence the need of a checkup.

Gold package

Inclusive of a power flash of high technology, it basically removes the iron waste and increases the cleaning action by adding chemical inhibitors to prevent the reformation of the sludge. It

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Competitive prices

Based on our high quality survives and the amazing results our clients get, it is normal to judge the pricing to be just as loud as the work but it is not the case with us. Having in mind that our goal is to improve as many houses as possible we do consider our pricing. It is quite affordable for our clients.

Smooth and safe services

Having among us the best and highly trained staff we can give you a guarantee of smooth and safe installation, with ease. We can clearly identify the problem and handle it at once. This earns us a bonus compared to other boiler companies.Our services are of high standards and viable all our clients’ reviews are positive. If you experience some boiler problems do not hesitate to reach our company. We will quickly identify your problem and get things back running smoothly and safely.

As you can see above, this information should be more of a reason to opt for our boiler services. Give us a shot and you can be guaranteed excellent results.

Students Guide To Leicester

Studying in Leicester city might actually be what every student could wish for to live study and eventually get all the fun there is. .This can actually be termed as the best city to live and study with renowned universities such as the University of Leicester and the likes of The De Montfort. Well, this city has continued to draw a youthful traffic from all over the world. Below are some of the guides that will help you get going as you pursue your studies in Leicester!


For a start, there are very many good universities in this city but we must admit The De Montfort and the University of Leicester do take all the glory in this case. If we can narrow to these two exquisite universities you find that they have quite a remarkable reputation all equipped with good facilities.More to that institutions have a variety of integrated sporting activities, they are all rounded basing from sports to extra curriculum activities. Most of these universities should be the places to be!


Just like all the universities, there are very amazing student areas in Leicester. Being a city you should expect some bit of class and modesty when it comes to places to live in. At this juncture getting a place for accommodation will all depend on what you have in your pockets. Having in mind that you are a student you might want to have your budget in mind and get things running smoothly. Apparently, Leicester has places just for any amount of money available. If you are looking for an affordable place you might start heading to The City Centre. It actually privileged to be the cheapest in the country.

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There are also other places like the Knighton Area, The Stony gate, this is a more chilled out place having many available shopping facilities. If you are a party maniac kind of student you probably want to live in Evington, this place just has you covered! With all the amazing parks and loaded pubs, this is definitely the thing for you! Places like the high fields can also come in handy for those students that are cannot remain in the house. This place is much cheaper compared to the others having in mind that the properties are larger.

If you are looking for a local boiler company in Leicester, we can help!


Leicester City is also known for its multicultural nature and for this case you do expect to have a variety of dishes to choose from. There are very many restaurants and hotels all over the city starting from the finger licking Indian meals to the many different cuisines you will be surprised to find yourself just trying out everything. Moreover should not miss visiting the Gelato village and St Martins square this is some of the cool food joints you should be aware of.

All fun and games

Now, this is the best part of all this, we all love fun and for students, this is actually one of the drives that leads them to Leicester City. For most students, there is nothing better to spice up the evening with some good music, some dreamy booze and finally party all night! If you are among this lot there are more than 200bars and clubs waiting for you. It is okay if you are not the raving kind, movies maybe? You are also catered for having the opportunity to visit the Cinema De Lux to end your day in style. There are also plenty of parks and malls, in short, this fun and games part is catered for all

With this guide, you have access to all the great spots in Leicester where you and other students can mingle and interact.

Best Places To Visit In Leicester

We have been covering new boiler installs in Leicestershire for over 5 years. Leicester has a variety of tourist attraction sites, from amusement parks, hiking trails, town squares, museums, monuments, memorials, and other archaeological sites. Leicester is the best place for art lovers since it has the largest collection of German Expressionist artwork in the U.K.

Here are some places to visit in Leicester both for fun with family and friends and with business partners;

King Richard III Visitor Centre

This Visitor Centre tells all about the gripping and moving story of the life, demise and the uncovering of King Richard III. The exhibition graphs the king’s life and death and describes the circumstances that led to a hasty burial and eventual uncovering. If you have not gone to see King Richard Tomb yet, consider it as a worthwhile visit, which is set in Leicester Cathedral.

St Martin’s square

It is a delightful spot to spend with family and friends on the afternoon. The beautiful courtyard is surrounded by freelance shops, restaurants and beauty shops: making the spot more favourable and the best place to chill out with friends, go shopping, drink coffee and also experiment with a new look.

Twycross Zoo

Twycross is the largest zoo in Leicester, and is a popular tourist attraction site for both children and adults. Primates hence also referred to as Specialist primate zoo primarily inhabit this zoo; you can see monkeys, apes, gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos all in one visit.

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Tropical Birdland

The tropical birdland is a great place to visit especially with the toddlers but not only toddlers will enjoy feeding birds with fruits and peanuts but also the adult tend to enjoy the moment as much as the toddlers. For pet owners and having a particular interest in parrots, the tropical birdland is the place to be.

Curve Theatre

This is Leicester’s glorious home for theatre and performing arts, stationed in the City’s cultural Quarter. These theatre natures and supports new and emerging talents, It is also the best spot for casts and music lovers.

St Nicholas Church

It is the oldest church in Leicester with a great architecture. It is hard to miss the place since it is quite visible and centrally set. It has a shiny gold clock above it; you will also find Roman tiles inside and outside. It is located right next to Jewery Roman Museum; it has a tower inside and is full of interesting features.

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

A wonderful building set and great city museum with top class art, this place is highly recommended for the art lovers. The information is laid out clearly making it easier even for kids to understand, it also have a variety of items and some fun interactions for kids. The Rutland dinosaur is the main attraction.

Leicester is an unequaled city and a wonderful place to visit with a good number of visitor attractions. Leicester city combines the finest English traditions with multicultural activities and the cosmopolitan buzz of the city. It is a city rich in arts, culture, sports and heritage, Leicester offers something of interest for all age groups.

How the Leicester City Won the Premier League?

As one of the leading boiler installers in Leicester, we love this city! This one of the most remarkable triumphs of all times. For Leicester, they had to change from the norm just to get what they wanted. Here are some of the few tricks they used to get to the top.

Sudden Emergence

Based on the premier League records all the champions had finished in the top three seasons. Viably winners placed second before their second win, on the contrary, Leicester does an amazing escape from relegation by earning themselves 46points.This was a move that was just out the ordinary

First Ranieri’s Premier League Win

For Leicester City, the chances of getting the title were just out of thought. It was not until the 3-1 match they won amazingly in Manchester City that gained the team some credence. This was a major comeback for the team and it could be that their journey had just started. Unfortunately, the team had to lose to Arsenal in a much rather disappointing outcome. That defeat happens to be their wake up call with their champion earning himself some good 23 points. The team needed up behind the first time winners of the English Top Flight since it had last been won by the Nottingham in 1978.This was indeed a great success for this team.

Interesting field tactics

This team will definitely be remembered for its wonderful direct, counter-attacking football trick. They actually would be at ease even when the opponents stayed with the ball for a long time. This was not until some of their players like Jamie and Co would take this advantage with his incredible pace and strike. This approach did work at most times and immediately they had the ball they definitely made it count.

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Working towards the budget

Leicester Team naturally did not have the financial capability as the other teams like the Manchester City and the likes. This was more of a reason to ensure that they would stick to their budget. Infect getting to sign up a player; they had to rely on their scouting system. Some of these players even had to work at the top flight. They also did use some of the youth rejects from of some the bigger teams, this actually one if the tricks adopted by these upcoming teams.

Some tight edged contests

The Leicester winning seasons worked into halves. The first part ran until December where they registered most of the goals here and even concede more than other teams in the first half. In their first 19 matches in the season the ended up conceding 25 times. The next 17 matches they made 9 goals. They also managed five 1-0 wins in six games drawing from the end of February. This has been one of the most remarkable performances from this team.

Kept it Fun

With a promise of pizza for all of Raneri’s players the definitely had to maintain some clean sheets. Their main focus was to attain 40 points in the first half and it is claimed that the team was already enjoying the ride. It happens that Vichai celebrated his birthday just before a match with the team getting some free beer and doughnuts. This mood worked for the team because at least they enjoyed what they were doing.

As you can see, for teams to get successful they must strategize and get to do something different in order to our stand. The teams should also love and enjoy what they do and most of all teamwork is a key factor.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Infographic – Free CO Alarm

Unsafe installation of gas appliances can produce a highly poisonous gas called carbon monoxide (CO). This gas is highly toxic and can cause long-term health problems, if not death. It can affect but humans and cause pain in animals.

CO poisoning occurs when you breathe in this toxic gas and it goes in your bloodstream replacing oxygen, which fills your lungs. Without oxygen, your body and will not be able to pump air and your cells and tissue will tie. Even a small amount of carbon monoxide can cause poisoning, and long-term effects can include permanent brain damage and paralysis.

The below infographic provided an in-depth guide to carbon monoxide poisoning, how to spot the symptoms, and what to do if you experience poisoning.

At 2 RED Ltd, we are going the extra mile. And so, if you are 50+ years old, fill in the form below to get your FREE Carbon Monoxide Alarm – Hurry! Only while stocks last!


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