What Makes Us The Best Boiler Company in Leicester?

Recently we as the 2 RED boiler company in Leicester have gained the privilege to be termed as the best boiler company in Leicester. Well, there are a few things maybe we could owe the credit to. Listed below are some of the reasons that make us the best boiler company in Leicester.

Multitude Experience

Having a 25 year experience in the business we have continued to up our game in all aspects offering high-quality services. With this experience, more services continue to be offered by our company with the goal to leave our clients satisfied at the end of the day. More to that we have a range of services from power flushing to boiler replacements, and we will continue to give our clients the best there is.

Qualified and well-trained staff

As much as we continue offering our clients the best of our services, we also have the best people for the tasks. We can proudly say that our staff is highly trained with experienced engineers who are actually Oftec and gas safe registered. It is a guarantee that our staff can go through the whole installation process safely and at the end, get very excellent results. We also pride being Diamond approved installers and even more proud to be accredited for leading brands such as Valliant and the likes.

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Different service packages

We do offer very customizable services having to offer three different package services. This includes the bronze, silver and the gold package. Each package with its own benefits and all of them designed to ensure that your appliances are perfectly safe for use. We can go through them briefly.

Silver package

Have a heating system and a magna fitting filter that removes the iron sludge that builds up in central heating systems. This sludge reduces their efficiency and it may even lead to breakdown hence it really requires to be removed.

Bronze package

This includes a Magna Clean fitting filter and a heating system that removes the iron sludge formed in the central heating systems. This sludge reduces efficiency and may even lead to breakdown hence the need of a checkup.

Gold package

Inclusive of a power flash of high technology, it basically removes the iron waste and increases the cleaning action by adding chemical inhibitors to prevent the reformation of the sludge. It

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Competitive prices

Based on our high quality survives and the amazing results our clients get, it is normal to judge the pricing to be just as loud as the work but it is not the case with us. Having in mind that our goal is to improve as many houses as possible we do consider our pricing. It is quite affordable for our clients.

Smooth and safe services

Having among us the best and highly trained staff we can give you a guarantee of smooth and safe installation, with ease. We can clearly identify the problem and handle it at once. This earns us a bonus compared to other boiler companies.Our services are of high standards and viable all our clients’ reviews are positive. If you experience some boiler problems do not hesitate to reach our company. We will quickly identify your problem and get things back running smoothly and safely.

As you can see above, this information should be more of a reason to opt for our boiler services. Give us a shot and you can be guaranteed excellent results.

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